AJC All Japan Prepaid SIM card for Japan

Global Connection, Inc. Original "AJC (All Japan Communications) All Japan Prepaid SIM Card" is a SIM card dedicated to data communication that can be used in Japan. Contracts, cancellation, return of cards etc. are unnecessary, so it is a very popular item with tourists visiting Japan recently. Of course, even those living in Japan can use it for domestic travels or business trips. High speed communication 4G / LTE line is compatible so you can use it anywhere in Japan.

Japan for 2 GB dedicated data prepaid SIM card Docomo line 3G/4G LTE disposable prepaid Data Sim card japan

AJC prepaid sim card for Japan

  • Validity period: After initiating the SIM card, you can use it up during a 8 days span.

Starting Process

Insert the SIM card into your device and change the settings.

Benefits of Pre-paid

  • Can be used instantly

    No contract is required

  • No cancellation procedure is required

    After reaching the data limit, services are still available

  • No further charges

    Initial purchasing charge only

  • Does not require any credit card

    Credit card is not necessary

  • Identification not required

    Personal information is not required

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Frequently asked questions

What can I do with the 2GB?
Gererally, we can send or receive 5,360,000 emails with 2GB, or watch the video for 9 hour, or open 14,000 pages. Depending on the way you use, you can save a lot of money on internet.
Does SIM connect to LTE?
Yes. it does. Because our AJC is using 4G/LTE speed before 2GB, you can enjoy the internet in outdoors. The speed of 4G/LTE is 75Mbps---100Mbps which is faster than 3G.
What should I do after using end up the data?
If you don't need it anymore, please discard it with scissors.
What if I used all the 2GB in 8days?
Even you used all the 2GB, you still can connect the internet with speed 256kbps.

  • ■This product is data only SIM card. You can use it to connect the internet, applications, SNS and games, etc. The caling and SMS (short message service) is not available.
  • ■The data of this SIM card plan is 2GB. It is available to use with 256kbps after 2GB. If you don't need it anymore, please discard it with scissors.
    (※You can send/receive 5,360,000 mails, watch video for 9 hour or open 14,000 pages)
  • ※ SIM card size: Nano SIM
  • ※ No charge
  • ※ iPhone users need to download the specified profile. Please check the set up in below.
  • ※ Valid period: After initiating the SIM card, you can use for 8days.
  • ※ Valid using period: please set up/download profile before valid using period
  • ※ Please restart one more time when you inserted SIM card but can not use 4G speed.
  • ※ Some devices may not be available. Please check the devices list before purchase.
  • ※ Network carrier: NTT Docomo Network

Setting method


  1. Insert the SIM card into the terminal
  2. From the setting screen enter the following on the APN setting screen
    • ・APN name: ajc-mobile.com
    • ・Authentication ID (user name):
    • ・PASS: ajc
    • ・Authentication method: CHAP or PAP
  3. Save and complete setup

Apple device after iOS 7

  1. Insert the SIM card into the terminal
  2. Please download the designated profile separately from here.
    Please click here and download
    You can also download from the QR code below.
  3. Once the profile is downloaded, it will be available.